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Our philosophy is simple: Create memorable and truly unique ancestral experiences for our guests to enjoy and cherish…forever.

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creating emotional connections with your past

Our Service for you is as
unique as your family's past

Ancestry Concierge provides comprehensive & highly personalised research into your family’s past which we will present to you in full detail.

Three simple packages for you

We provide you with three simple options to create your perfect ancestral vacation to England, Scotland & Wales. Each come with their own research package and you can determine the level required. We then create your personal family history vacation around this research, resulting in a 5-8 day tour unique to you and your family.

to bring your family's history to life

An Ancestry Concierge vacation will leave you with  a new emotional connection to the past as you discover your place in history on your travels through England, Scotland or Wales. Have a look at our pricing options below or speak with us to create you own vacation package.

creating your perfect vacation & tracing back your family history

What we do to create your perfect vacation

Sometimes special just is not special enough… Sometimes a great tour is not as good as it gets… A hand-crafted trip with Ancestry Concierge will turn a great vacation into an unbelievable one, something special into something unforgettable.

Our award-winning service begins with your initial contact with us.

You can be sure of all the support you need – before, during and after your trip to Britain. We are here to create perfect travel arrangements & tailor-made vacations for you.

Experienced guides

All our guides have a deep understanding of the places you visit. Our guides are also experienced in genealogy tours & have insight into your family history.

Flexible Cancellation

We love helping you connect to unique destinations & tracing back family roots but understand you may have concerns about booking a vacation right now. This is where Our Flexible Promise comes in. It’s our way of reassuring you that when you’re ready to travel again, we’ll make sure it’s as safe as possible. So dream on. Make plans. Find out more here.

Professional research

Let us know how much (if any) family research you have done & we will set our professional researchers to task. Your itinerary will then be built around your family's past - and you can be as involved as you like in any planning.

Suitable for larger groups

Travelling with your extended family or as a group of friends tracing back your roots? Not a problem - speak with us and we can create your dream vacation.

Don't worry, You'll not miss out

Experiencing your family past will naturally be the highlight of your vacation, however rest assured, we will not miss any of the "generic" highlights your itinerary passes through. You couldn't go past York without seeing the magnificent York Minster for example...

be as involved as you wish

Be as involved as you like in all planning & delivery stages. Your destinations. Your itinerary. Your choice. The most important aspect of a tailor-made trip is YOU. Only you know your ideal travel style and, at Ancestry Concierge, we are here to fit the pieces together & curate your perfect vacation.

Meet our team

Meet Our Team

Always Here for you

Our passionate teams works tirelessly for you – our fantastic bunch of people come together to create & curate your personal vacations – from researchers to guides, drivers to office crew… All serve one purpose, you.

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Create a memory book -
with an experience

Your personal story -
told by experts to curate you perfect vacation & memory book

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